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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where we answer the most frequently asked questions our clients tend to have. If you still have questions, contact us!

My current financial situation is complicated!

We understand and we are prepared to work with you to overcome your obstacles and help you get moving in the right direction. Call or stop by for more information.

What sets August Auto Finance and Kelowna Motors apart from all the rest?

We have been invested in this community, our customers, and this industry since 1945! That’s not a typo. We have been doing what we do for 71 years. We know our stuff. We care about this place, it’s ours as much as it is yours.
Start with us, finish with us!

What brands of vehicles do you have access to?

Kelowna Motors has an ever-changing inventory of pre-owned models, with access to an incredible network of buyers and sellers. We are able to source just about anything for you. Not only do we want to provide you with a perfect solution, we want to provide it for the perfect vehicle.