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Understanding Car Loan Interest Rates

Understanding Car Loan Interest Rates

august-auto-finance-loan-ratesBear in mind that less than perfect credit history and other financial problems, don’t necessarily mean that you must suffer an unacceptable length of time in a high rate loan contract. In reality, the exact opposite is true, especially if you make the decision to use We here at August Auto Finance, will help you find a car loan through our experienced and knowledgeable custom finance department. We will develop a short and long term solution to alleviate and eliminate any negative credit history, geared specifically for each individual client.

There is certainly no doubt that auto loan interest rates do vary greatly depending on each client’s particular situation. With that being said, understanding the facts about car loan interest rates, terms and lenders will help to ensure a successful outcome. Recognize that interest rates play a major role in all monthly car payments, and this can strongly influence how you may qualify for dependent on your situation.

Becoming late or defaulting on loan payments will unquestionably damage your credit and prevent you from rebuilding your credit. We can custom develop a plan to get you and your family moving in the right direction. Give us a call or stop in to discuss your financial future and automotive needs. August Auto Finance, the only place in the Okanagan to call for professional, on the spot custom financing to suit your family’s needs.

We welcome anyone from throughout Western Canada to contact us and let us show you how we are able to help you with your new vehicle purchase. We are here to help!

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