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August Auto Finance is committed to redefine what you expect from a traditional auto financing company. Our process is simple, our values are important to us, and helping our clients is our top priority.

Our Story

August Auto Finance is proud to have joined forces with Kelowna Motors, a family owned and operated business serving the central Okanagan since 1945.

Being part of a family-owned business means a lot to us, and we are proud to support many aspects of our community.
We are happy to support various local charities and foundations, including the August Family Foundation which has raised over $200,000 through events such as the Okanagan Dream Rally.

Our Approach

There are many financing companies out there that claim that they will help you out, no matter your financial situation. Generally these companies throw a bunch of  attractive words at you claiming that they are on your side while they usually are only looking out for their own self-interest.

Here’s where August Auto Finance comes in.
We understand that everyone’s personal situation is unique, and we strive to help you rebuild your credit and realize your goals, one step at a time!

We’ve all had “yesterdays”, how can we help you look towards tomorrow?
Start today with one of our sales professionals or finance specialists!

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